The upper eyelid crease in Asians makes the eyes appear larger and the person more friendly and approachableOur personality and attitudes are expressed through our eyes. The upper eyelids have a profound impact on the appearance of the eyes. It determines if you look young and fresh or tired or even fierce. A well-placed and crisp upper eyelid crease frames the eyes, focusing the observer on the eyes and, in so doing, brings the sparkle out of the eyes. An absent upper eyelid crease (that occurs congenitally or as a result of hooding that occurs with aging), in contrast, shifts the focus of the observer to the upper eyelid, giving the visual impression that the eyes are smaller and the upper eyelids as overhanging the eyes. This makes the person appears reclusive, listless and distant.
Upper eyelid surgery is for 2 groups of patients: For patients with an absent or poorly formed upper eyelid fold and for patients with significant aging of the upper eyelids.