My Personal Perspective

I’ve always believed that plastic surgery is a unique specialty that embraces in equal measure both science and art. The evidence-based science of aesthetic plastic surgery is precise and exact. The artistry of aesthetic plastic surgery is more difficult to grasp and is the culmination of the surgeon’s experience, training, personal preference, instincts and aesthetic judgment.

An appreciation of the aesthetics that best suit the individual patient is something cultivated over years in practice, and this is precisely the kind of insights that can only be offered by an experienced plastic surgeon. With this in mind, every approach I adopt and develop is focused on delivering completely natural results with minimal hint of surgery - one that will be in harmony with the rest of your facial features. This is the essence of quality plastic surgery.

In order to do this, the best available techniques have been used and perfected over the years. In areas where traditional techniques are lacking, these procedures are modified, improved or even redesigned, to deliver a level of outcomes that today’s patients have come to expect of quality plastic surgery. But most importantly, safety and predictability is my main priority, and only procedures that have proven to be reliable are used in my practice.

Patients will find that there are many different approaches available to achieve a desired outcome, for example the many operations described to correct eye bags. This wide repertoire allows me to tailor specific procedures for different patients. While each operation is designed for specific aims, it also comes with its own advantages as well as limitations and risks.

To me, each individual is unique with his or her own specific needs. Accordingly, an approach designed for your specific needs will be formulated during the consultation that would best meet your requirements within the permitted time frame.

Aesthetic surgery is not merely about looking different or even younger, but more often than not it is about helping patients feel less despondent about the aging process. I feel privileged to be able to go on this journey with my patients, and give them a renewed sense of confidence and vitality for the future.

As their surgeon, I do not believe in compromises or short cuts. Quality plastic surgery is not a ‘quick fix’ with no down time. With meticulous techniques and care, the down time can be minimised. As such, our staff are trained to care for the patient every step of the way, from the initial consultation to well beyond the day of the surgery.

Finally, the science of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is continuously evolving and improving. I am committed to constantly improving my skills and services through research and education, in order to deliver the services that my patients expect and deserve.

Dr. Wong Chin Ho