Dimple Creation

Dimples brighten and add character to your smile.

Anatomically, naturally occurring dimples are the result of a gap between the muscles around the mouth. As a result, the skin is attached to the underlying soft tissues and puckers with smiling (creating the dimples).

The Procedure
Dimple creation is a simple surgical procedure that aims to recreate this naturally occurring anatomy. The ideal position of the dimples varies from patient to patient. The decision as to where to place the dimple is made with the patient’s input and preference at the time of the procedure. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia in clinic with minimal discomfort. No cut is done on the cheek. A small incision is made in the mouth after the area is numbed with local anesthetic. The skin is then fixed to the deeper tissues with an absorbable suture and the incision closed. No removal of sutures is necessary.

Recovery and Expected Outcome
Healing is rapid with minimal swelling. Initially, the dimples is present all the time. After several weeks, it will only be present when you are smiling, just like a naturally occurring dimple.