Caucasian Upper Eyelids


The aging Caucasian upper eyelid first presents as subtle loss of definition of the eyelid fold and ‘crepey’ skin above the eyes. This makes it a little more difficult to apply eye make-up evenly. With further aging, a look of heaviness and hooding develops, and eventually the upper eyelid fold becomes completely covered by the excess upper eyelid skin.


Conventional upper eyelid blepharoplasty relies on skin removal to achieve the desired effect. Because the technique relies on tightening the skin when skin is not naturally tight, it frequently results in unnatural appearance, visible scarring and in some cases, distortion or even inability to close the eyes completely. At best, this skin excision technique results in partial improvement which would only last for a several years and the procedure needs to be repeated.

The internal fixation technique in contrast operates internally, on the support layer of the upper eyelid, and not directly on the skin itself. This is the key to natural and lasting results. It restores the pleasing contour and curve above the eyes and remove the heaviness and drooping that occurs with age. The skin above the lash is also directly tightened, and the lashes which droops slightly with aging are naturally returned to their more youthful position. Essentially, the technique surgically recreates the internal eyelid structure found in people with beautiful eyes. Most importantly, because the internal fixation technique relies on contouring to achieve the desired result, skin excision is minimized giving a natural and lasting result with correct proportions between the lash , crease and skin below the brow.


The procedure can be done under local anesthetic in the office. If other procedures are performed at the same time, the procedure can also be done under general anesthesia. Great care is taken throughout the surgery and in the aftercare to reduce post-operative bruising and swelling.