Botox has many cosmetic uses and a very long safety record, with several millions treatment done worldwide. Experience has shown that it can be applied to different areas of the face safely, with profound effects. The key to safety and efficacy is knowledge of how the toxin works, precise placement and detailed understanding of the anatomy of the face.

Botox is used to target specific muscles, relaxing the muscle that is responsible for particular frown lines, for example the corrugators for the glabella frown line and masseter for the square jaw.

More advanced concepts of using Botox involves selectively targeting opposing muscle or muscle groups that animate the face. This is done by selectively leaving antagonistic muscles activated to cause the relative shifting of soft tissues, for procedures like a non-surgical brow lift. The toxins are injected at multiple different levels, from subdermal to subperiosteal as well the use of various dilutions of the toxin, in regular, meso and well as microdilution depending on the nature of organs targeted.

In our practice, we apply these advanced concepts for the routine delivery of superior results with safety and predictability.