The concept or the perception of beauty is profoundly different in patients of different ethnicity.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a discipline where science and art play an equally important part is delivering the results that patients want. The surgeons aesthetic ‘sixth-sense’, judgement and experience is important in helping the patient come to an informed decision as to what procedures are best suited for them.

As surgeons practicing in different geographical locations, our experience and aesthetic sense are profoundly influenced by the tastes and preferences of patients we see on a daily basis. Accordingly, as with other aspects of our culture, there are subtle differences in what patients prefer in different parts of the world.

In this article, I join colleagues from the USA, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Greece and France in discussing some popular procedures that we see in our practice and the latest craze in different parts of the world. You will see there are many similarities in popular procedures and well as some surprising trends around the world! Enjoy the article.

Dr. Wong Chin Ho

W Aesthetic Plastic Surgery